Before Anything: Get Out and Scout

Easing Jarid and myself into our spring bear hunt Chris, a mentor we connected with on, offered to take us out and establish some areas we should start scouting out for black bears.

Our biggest takeaway for anyone getting into hunting would be to get out there and scout! Prioritize buying a good pair of boots and binos before everything else. The challenge will be finding the animals—so get out there, stretch those legs, break in the boots, and look for poop.

Parking at an old logging road, we hiked through some hills (or mountains depending on whose perspective) in Chilliwack, BC. We saw no bear signs but lots of fresh deer pellets, bedding areas, a bright yellow jelly-like fungus called “Witch's butter”, and possibly old cougar or coyote scat.

We were hiking through lots of deadfall, dried out shrubs, and thick timber, so some nice to have items are gloves and thick pants to protect yourself against the thorny bushes.

To have Chris take us out and show us the lay of the land was an amazing opportunity and an extremely kind offer we’re very thankful for. With his guidance, he’s pointed us to the valleys to look for skunk cabbage fields... guess where we will be next weekend? Where there is vegetation, there is bound to be piles of fresh bear crap.

Our actual bear hunt will take place on June 1-3, meaning the day we’re going to go out, camp out, and try really darn hard to haul home some meat for each of our freezers. 

Happy Hunting!