Best Apps for E-Scouting and Hunting


Affordable and Free Apps for E-Scouting and hunting

Download the apps and spend some time figuring them out sounds obvious but seriously don't just wait till you get out into the bush to figure out the settings. These will save you from hours of hiking around in circles. You will find yourself toggling between map apps a lot to try to understand the terrain and that’s completely normal, there isn’t a one stop shop for map apps.


Canadian focused, it comes loaded with maps. Buy the public land access for $9.99 annually. This app is best for showing you which areas are crown or private land and where you can hunt. Learn more about iHunter here.

Hunt Buddy

This app is British Columbia specific and great for maps. It's a one-time payment of $5.99 and a highly recommend map pack that includes logging roads for $15.99. I use it mainly to drop pins and track my steps and quickly pull up the regs (regulations) and LEH (limited entry hunting) booklets when there's no cell service. Learn more about Hunt Buddy App here

Topo Canada

Completely free, these are the most detailed collection of free topo maps you will find. It will also work offline in remote areas. It's saved me once when I was trapped in a blizzard, in the dark hunting caribou (long story). Download Topo Maps Canada for iPhone here

Google Maps Mobile

Once again, great for dropping pins, these pins will save so you can go back and study them closer on a larger screen such as your laptop. Also, nice back up to have. Start saving your pins in different map layers to stay organized, I’ve created a new layer for each region I’ve hunted but you can do it by species of animal or seasons. Download Google Maps here

Google Earth Pro Desktop

Google Earth has made it possible to visit places before you're there and plan out the routes you're going to explore. I would highly recommend watching a tutorial on how to use the settings to help you better understand the terrain and south facing slopes such as this one example laid out for Elk hunting by Transition Wild. Download Google Earth Pro here


I have saved the best for last, and a lot of people will be angry I shared this amazing phone app because it is a game changer. Think Google Earth Pro desktop but for your phone and easier to use. The free version is more than enough if you’re hunting. Download here.


The last note I’ll leave you with is I’m not that dandy (yet) on a Garmin so I can’t speak to it from a maps perspective, but it’s a necessity to have on backcountry trips more so as a safety item. They aren’t affordable but I would highly recommend you get one because the reality of it is, it only takes on accident for it to be worth the investment. Having the security of the SOS button is priceless.

Now the biggest challenge of all is finding the time and motivation to start using all these apps and finding your groove. I don’t want you to feel discouraged with all these technical road bumps, therefore message me if you need help. I am always here to help.

Happy E-scouting and hunting!