Hatchet Jane Reminds Us It's About Spirit Not Gear


One of the largest headaches I’ve found within the industry are the excuses folks find surrounding why they can’t go into the wild. They idolize the [repulsive] “hunters” social media has bred and begin to believe they can only head out if they’re wearing top of the line gear. 

The fact is, find what works for you. Google, YouTube, research, and also don’t do the “its out of my pay range,” because why would you settle on equipment you’re trusting your life with?! Failure is not an option— and you will never regret quality. 90% of the time, I study for 6 months, and save for three (if not more). 

I’ve tried fancy— been disappointed.

I’ve tried cheap and been surprised. 

These boots for example are @irishsetterboots elk trackers. I’ve had them for three years and the tread is finally starting to go. Maybe $200 for a pair of these bad boys and I cannot find a fault with them. I’d recommend them over any item I take into the backcountry with me. Because, as dad said, “you have to take care of your feet, without them you have nothing.”

I’ve screwed up. I’ve been lost. I’ve met shitty humans who had me running for vantage the second I left eye sight. I’ve forgotten food. batteries. I’ve hiked out with my hand inches in-front of my face to save the brush from scratching my eyes. Ive spent the night in a tree because something on my level was making scary noises (raccoon) . Drank out of stagnant water out of sheer desperation and prayed to god the shits didn’t hit me before i was in the clear. I’ve duct taped boots. Tied my hair back with braided grass. Wiped my ass with the wrong kind of grass [OUCH]. Broke straps holding my gear together (I use bungees and bungees only, now). You name it, there’s a solid chance I’ve done it. 

It’s all made me who I am. There will never come a day when I have it all figured out in the woods. That’s why i keep going back. I will certainly never let fear stop me. Nor even the less ideal of conditions keep my from grinning ear to ear.

Get out there. Spend a tiny fortune to live like a homeless person. Learn to love a good ass kicking. 

Let the sweat and blood define your efforts. And then... do it all again.

Hannah Kycek @hatchet_jane