Chef Chris Whittaker Retires From Forage For His Son

Editor's Comments

When I first met Chef Chris Whittaker working at Forage, he was about to fly to Vietnam to welcome home his adopted son Eivin. Watching the way he leads his team, and his life has been an inspiration. I hope this story is a gentle reminder not to let technology continue to artificially satisfied our loneliness. To highlight the reward and joys of having a family. 

Chris has not only inspired me in my personal life but also my journey into the hunter and gatherer life. I couldn't help but ask Chef how stoked he was to be surrounded by prime hunting grounds again? His response, "Ha...of course! I have put in for draws in the region...but this year will be a critical scouting year for me, trying to find the spots I will enjoy for years to come with my son Eivin."


hunting in BC.JPG

We always have thought of moving to the interior. The Shuswap has always felt like home and had increasingly become so the last couple of years. Eivin (my son) was the finger that pulled that trigger. I want to give him a great that I am present.

I think it will all be right there for him. Most of all, I want him to experience what it is like to live in a small community. If you are raised that way...most people (including myself) end up remembering that life doesn't need to be as complicated as we make it. 

That being said I will miss being able to go to some of the best restaurants in the world at the drop of a hat. Even more than that, I will also miss my Forage and Timber family. The cooks that came through my kitchen and the impact they can have moving forward. Even the chef community in Vancouver. Such a great collaborative community that was an honor to be a part of for so long. Creating those concepts will forever be in my heart as they shaped my career.

Chris Whittaker