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The purpose of this article is to share my experience in completing my hunter education (BC’s CORE) through and to help you decide how you're going to pass your hunter safety test and obtain your hunting license.

The online course has an excellent reputation, it's easy to use and its available for most American states and Canadian provinces. Let's map out the pros and cons of taking an online course below:

The Good 

  • About half the price of classroom courses, $78+GST CAD

  • Easy to use and detailed content, so much so you don’t need to buy the textbook

  • Self-paced learning, which is better suited for those on a tight or unpredictable schedule

  • the combination of video and text, along with the end of chapter quizzes are great for those that have short attention spans (like me)

The Bad

  • It's self-paced learning, so you have to hold yourself accountable

  • The course goes over all the content in the textbook, making it quite lengthy and boring

  • No experienced instructor is outlining which material is essential to passing the test

  • You cannot take your exam online, so you will still have to track down an examiner and take the test in a classroom setting

Tips And Tricks On Passing Your Online Course

The course is pretty straightforward, and being a complete newbie I would have been confident in passing the test if I had paid attention to the videos (oops). One thing I did notice after passing my hunter safety was the additional resources in the footer of the website (shown below). There are detailed field day videos, a virtual shoot range, and practice exams.

Resource page on near the bottom of the website

Resource page on near the bottom of the website

After Jarid and I compared our experiences, I felt you get a lot more value in taking a classroom course, and it's an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded folks. If you are from British Columbia, I would recommend you read Jarid's review of EatWild's CORE Course. By going this route, you will be supporting a local business on a great mission to serve others and pass on the heritage of hunting.

If you're still uncertain of the ins and outs of getting your hunting license read our article that breaks it down into four simple steps, HERE.

If you have your own experience to share or feedback for, comment below!


Happy studying,