I Hiked 97km in 5 Days in my Teva Sandals

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I hiked 97km in 5 days, wearing a pair of classic Teva sandals and wool socks. Up and down the trails surrounding Mt. Assiniboine and through several rivers my strappy sandals persevered. 

This wasn’t intentional, there was no bet, and no one stole my hiking boots.  On the first day of the 5-day adventure, my feet had swelled up so much so I could barely fit into my new boots. There was no going back, I was 10 hours from home. Pulling out my Teva’s (which were intended for days by the lake and camp shoes), I was only supposed to wear them for a day, so my foot could get some rest, but they never came off. 

Everyone in my hiking group was protesting my decision but after 9km (6miles), up Windy Ridge Trail, essentially a slippery ledge of loose rocks up a mountain, there wasn’t any more doubt. For the rest of the trip, my too-tight hiking boots were forgotten about at the bottom of my pack. 

While several folks sustained a variety of injuries, I was doing pretty damn good: no blisters, swollen ankles, knee or hip pain. For context, everyone in my hiking group was all considered intermediate in skill level. Often I was lightly jogging with my 35lb pack trying to keep up. 

"These are the best camp shoes, and an essential piece of gear in my pack"

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Of course, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but I want to use this opportunity to declare my love for Teva’s, seriously! With 97km (60 miles) on a pair that was already a couple years old, the soles are still in excellent condition. Furthermore, highly recommend these tough, ultra-light, waterproof sandal as an essential piece of gear in your pack for hikers. 

"Stop buying shoes that provide temporary relief by over-cushioning your feet"

Lastly, encourage those suffering from any discomfort walking, hiking and running to stop buying shoes that provide temporary relief by over-cushioning your feet. Instead, let's work to fix the problem permanently by correcting the way you walk. I’ll share my personal journey in curing my shin splints and knee pain soon but this article sums it up very well, “Foot Care Is Back."

Here's a link to the Teva sandal I wore on my trip: Teva, Original Universal Sandal and my awesome (and very tough) icebreaker merino wool socks.