Jody Peck's Good For Everything Bush Tea

foraged tea.jpg

Feeling like you're coming down with something, bloating, cramps, upset stomach or you just need something comforting at camp this easy to put together bush tea is your answer. 

I came to Jody's house to help her out with her food prep for her Wild Northern Way kitchen takeover at the Narrow Lounge and wasn't feeling too hot - I knew I was coming down with something. But this bush tea she whipped up gave me the extra boost I needed to keep on going. 


  • Asprin memic  (willow leaves are fine but the bark is stronger)
  • Yarrow (highway weed)
  • Red clover 
  • Labrador Tea Wild rose petals 
  • Wild raspberry leave

Instructions are pretty self-explanatory, you pick a few of each leaf or a sprinkle of each ingredient into a cup. Add hot water and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Enjoy!

All ingredients were harvested in beautiful British Columbia. The tea can be made with the freshly harvested plants or dried and saved for later use. Each plant has powerful medicinal properties and can be used to make other edibles such as a sweet red clover tea, luxurious rose jelly, and salad booters. I hope this list of ingredients provides you with a foundation for your foraging adventures. 

Now that you're conscious of these plants, you'll naturally start noticing them on your hikes. Let me know what you find on your walks on the comments below.