Journal of Mountain Hunting: Chasing Food, Woodland Caribou

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Journal of Mountain Hunting


Chasing Food Club

I've had the opportunity to share my first backpack hunt, chasing Woodland Caribou with Journal of Mountain Hunting. It gave me a chance to summarize my epic adventure and encourage others to pursue their own.

Writing the story made me recognize what an achievement this was and could be valuable to other people who want to pack their bags, conquer a mountain, and fill their freezer with wild meat.

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“I recalled feeling so defeated, I had tucked away a sun-bleached deer jaw bone into pack belt; accepting I was going home empty handed. You have no control over the conditions, but you have full control of your attitude — easier said than done in moments like this. Did I dream too big?”

Read the full Chasing Food, Woodland Caribou story, as well as tried-and-true tips and tricks on mountain hunting on the Journal of Mountain hunting here:

Do not hesitate to reach out with questions if you’re planning a mountain hunt for the first time or curious to learn more about caribou. I’m not an expert but I’ll be glad to share my experience in finer details or connect you with someone that knows all the answers.

Thank you for the support and reading!

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