The MeatEater's Hunt-Purity Scale

A good friend of mine, Matt, was listening to MeatEater Podcast Ep. 110: Up North and was moved enough to create his own version of the hunt-purity scale after hearing Rinella discuss his brother's method of mentally calculating the purity of a hunt.

Matt is a conscious mountain hunter, with 17 years of western-hunting under his belt. Growing up in Williams Lake, British Columbia, he shot his first buck on a solo hunt in his teens and hasn’t stopped chasing his food since. Despite having an Elk scoring 69th and a Moose scoring 44th in BC's books, he was motivated to create a scoring system that took the focus away from the hunted and instead focuses on the hunt for him and his friends to banter over. 

With Matt's experience, he did most of the heavy lifting creating the questions on the scorecard. Jarid and I merely refined it, we would instead like to hear your input on the matter. Is it possible to rate the purity of a hunt?

Sample of the scorecard (download full version below)

Sample of the scorecard (download full version below)

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 10.56.26 PM.png

To download a PDF version of the scorecard enter your name and email below. You will receive a thank you message in place of where this box is with a link to the file. 

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We look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments below or emailed to us HERE.


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