Unknown But It Was Probably Aliens

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I suddenly came to consciousness standing waist deep in a swamp, bathed in moonlight. Hours must have passed as my last memory was sitting with my hunting partner, Lance, on a giant timber stack glassing an area, while the sun was still up.

Dazed and confused, I made my way to the edge of the swamp and noticed fresh quad tracks illuminated by the stars. My senses slowly started registering my surroundings again, and I heard Lance revving the quad engine, yelling my name from a ways away. Emerging from the muck, I made my way towards the sound.

Lance had woken up in a similar situation but on his back: legs up in the air, awkwardly laid out on the timber stack, looking up at the stars, panicked, and just as equally confused about how he came to be in his current state.

When we finally found our way back to camp and told the story to the rest of our hunting party it was about 11:30 pm. Understandably, they had grown increasingly concerned. We all went through every scenario possible of what could have happened, but there was no reasonable explanation of what had happened to us.

Rob Myring

Editor’s Comments

Rob told me that night back at camp that he had a very persistent dream that was vivid in his memory. It consisted of a human woman in futuristic clothing, in a white room that was talking to him—but he can’t recall a word of what she was saying.

The next day they came back to the timber stack to retrieve his belongings which were forgotten about during their confused scramble back to camp. Nothing was taken, his rifle and bag containing his ammo and wallet had laid exactly where they were left.

I know Rob personally, (we’ve been on a few hunts together) therefore I believe him when he swears he was not under the influence of anything. To add to the conundrum the timber stack was about 20 ft tall, and a 30 minute walk away from the swamp he woke up in. Who knows what happened in those couple of hours he lost. I’ll let you make your conclusions of this mystery.

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