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5 Questions You Must Ask Yourself Before Getting Into Hunting

At Chasing Food Club we both suffer from AOH, that is, “Adult Onset Hunting.” Because of this, we’ve combed through countless forums, blog posts, YouTube videos and books by Steven Rinella. Luckily for you fellow AOHers, we’re going to save you the time and money by sharing this information, simplified into easy-to-read guides. The first being 5 qualifying questions you should ask yourself before taking your hunter’s safety or buying that wicked new bow or rifle.

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Laugh Later

There are two types of fun: the kind that’s momentary or fleeting, and then there's the prolonged fun/suffering that eventually makes for one heck of a tale. The first might manifest with too much whiskey on a Wednesday night. The latter is more of an endurance test, and ain't nobody cracking a smile at the time. 

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